Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buttons and Snaps and Velcro OH MY!!

A couple of weeks ago when Hillary came to visit me I got to meet her beautiful Tumbleberry Doll and see the beautiful work Amy does when she makes clothes for Jen. It got me to thinking about using snaps on my doll clothes and what other types of closures I could use other than Velcro. I thought I would experiment with snaps on my clothes and found after some trail and error to really like them, so now I would like to offer the option to you... On most of my doll clothes you will be able to convo me and let me know what type of closure you would like.
Here are some pros and cons
Velcro is much easier for children to dress their own dolls with however, can get snagged in the beautiful doll hair.
Snaps are sometimes difficult to snap and unsnap for little ones but obviously wont get snagged in the yarn.
Buttons are also a great option but if you are worried about a choking hazard they would not be for you.
I am having such a great time dressing my new Piccoli doll and I can't wait to show you about the newest idea I have :) Sometimes funky haired girls can be hard to dress... I think I'm coming up with a solution... stay tuned ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1,000 Fan Giveaway And A Wish For You!

Originally when thinking about this post and how I wanted people to enter to win this giveaway doll I thought I wanted to ask you to post your “guilty pleasure” It didn’t take me long to think of what my guilty pleasures are…. Zena the Warrior Princess, chocolate, and the love of my life SAM!! It seemed like a great idea and Hillary and I were all ready to post the rules and move forward until last night…

I recently picked up a copy of the magazine Where Women Create I browsed the photos of the amazing spaces these crafty women work in when an article caught my eye… it was the letter from the editor called “From My Kitchen Table” written by Jo Packham. This article was amazing and inspired me so now instead of asking you what your guilty pleasure is I will use Mrs. Packhams words and pose this to you…

“If you had the power and the privilege, the responsibility and the honor, of granting one wish to someone, what would it be? What wish would you wish for yourself?”

You are entering to win Dandelion a 10 inch doll made by myself! She has a double layer of skin for extra durability and stuffed with clean, carted wool from a woman who lives locally to me. She has sweet blonde mohair with soft pink hi-lights and embroidered green eyes. She will come with a flannel dress with frogs made from Heather Ross fabric and sweet pink crochet shoes… and every doll needs a bunny nightgown with slippers too. She also has a darling little diaper with buttons (no velco on this doll J) This giveaway is open worldwide and will receive free shipping. One entry per person and the giveaway will end on April 17th at 8PM PST and the winner will be chosen via random number generator.

So close your eyes share your wish and blow that dandelion into the wind… and in case you were wondering my wish…

I will again quote the brilliant Mrs. Packham

“So my hope, my prayer, my wish, is that the one wish you wish for yourself… and each one that you give away… does indeed come true”.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time For Back To School AND A GIVEAWAY!!

The Kids are headed back to school and I bet there are a bunch of lonely dolls out there. We hope to cheer them all up with this Great back to school give-away!
To enter you need to leave a comment below with a joke. Two entries per household and the giveaway will end on September 17th at 9pm PST.
This is what we've put together for you!! First is a sweet little dress with GREAT red boots... every doll needs a back to school outfit. You will also get a red wool coat with gray wool mittens and a red back pack with a black scottie dog button!... gotta have a way to carry your stuff!! Make sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you're the winner ;-)

reggie (and Hillary too)


Thank you all soooo very much for the jokes! You kept me smiling and laughing! We will do this again soon!! had choosen our winner!!

Janice said...
What do you call a blind Bambi with no legs?Still no ideer!(how many people groaned after those ones??) :)Thanks, Reggie for the great giveaway!
September 7, 2010 6:24 PM

Monday, September 6, 2010

When The Shoe Doesn't Fit

I thought I'd start off my first REAL blog post with a bit about myself...

My love for sewing and handwork began when I was very young. My grandmother would hand me bags full of scrap material and let me play on her sewing machine making WONDERFUL creations for my dolls. In High School I often found myself in trouble for knitting during my history class rather than paying attention. Time progressed, I got married, had children and of course HAD to sew for them! I became involved in the local Waldorf Community and really enjoyed the principals and ideas that I was surrounded by. I decided to make my girls Waldorf Dolls of their own and even made a few which I later sold on ebay (this was before etsy). I really enjoyed the process of creating on my sewing machine. During this time the American Girl dolls were really becoming a craze... my girls loved them too and I developed my own pattens and sewed for them as well. I have sold some of my creations on ebay and in local Waldorf Schools, and smaller independently owned toy stores... and then came etsy! This is where Christina the creator of Bamboletta found me and our relationship began...

I think I can safely say that one of the big reasons we love Waldorf Dolls as much as we do is because of the individuality that each doll possesses. Each doll is a unique creation developed from the minds of some very talented individuals and with that said each doll is different. I have done my best to keep up with all of the new doll makers and develop clothing that will fit most of them but because each doll is so different in size and shape (even from the same doll makers) sometimes stuff doesn't fit... I want you all to know that I am very much willing to help if you have purchased one of my creations and for some reason it doesn't fit your doll please contact me! I will either exchange it or refund your money. Sewing brings me so much joy, part of that joy is in the knowledge that your children will have beautiful quality doll clothes for their special friends!

For now I know that my 15 inch clothing fits both 15 inch Bambolettas and Drangonfly Hallow dolls. Hillary and I also discovered that the Bamboletta Little Buddy 10 inch clothes also fit the 11 inch Apple Treehouse Dolls (we were very excited about this!!).

I hope this little blog post gives you some insight into my business and how it all began. I really enjoy what I do and interacting with all of you!! Watch for Hillary's post tomorrow night for our big back to school giveaway!! Start thinking of your best jokes :-)



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to the blog for reggiesdolls

Hello everyone... its Hillary I'm setting up this blog for reggie while she is away on a little mini vacation with her Honey!! Feel free to follow this blog. It will give reggie a place to talk to you guys about giveaways and other fun stuff she is doing that may or maynot end up on facebook. I may even try to talk her into doing some tutorials if I can!!