Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buttons and Snaps and Velcro OH MY!!

A couple of weeks ago when Hillary came to visit me I got to meet her beautiful Tumbleberry Doll and see the beautiful work Amy does when she makes clothes for Jen. It got me to thinking about using snaps on my doll clothes and what other types of closures I could use other than Velcro. I thought I would experiment with snaps on my clothes and found after some trail and error to really like them, so now I would like to offer the option to you... On most of my doll clothes you will be able to convo me and let me know what type of closure you would like.
Here are some pros and cons
Velcro is much easier for children to dress their own dolls with however, can get snagged in the beautiful doll hair.
Snaps are sometimes difficult to snap and unsnap for little ones but obviously wont get snagged in the yarn.
Buttons are also a great option but if you are worried about a choking hazard they would not be for you.
I am having such a great time dressing my new Piccoli doll and I can't wait to show you about the newest idea I have :) Sometimes funky haired girls can be hard to dress... I think I'm coming up with a solution... stay tuned ;)


  1. I have just recently started using snaps on some of my doll clothing too Reggie. So I am a sometimes velcro, sometime snap girl too and buttons only on knitted things because my sewing machine makes dreadful buttonholes.

  2. I so prefer snaps and buttons. I think it is good to teach children how to snap and button. I have such fond memories of my two year old daughter learning after I made her a dolly wardrobe. What a very good idea, Reggie!!!!!!

  3. I use Velcro for hairless dolls such as bitty baby and some cabbage patch dolls.I use snaps and buttons for dolls with any type of hair, especially the wool hair. I'm too for teaching children to snap, button and tie :)
    Very good thought, to give customers a choice! It would be interesting to know the preferences. Keep us updated :)

  4. I definitely prefer snaps myself! The clothes just look so much more professional!