Monday, September 6, 2010

When The Shoe Doesn't Fit

I thought I'd start off my first REAL blog post with a bit about myself...

My love for sewing and handwork began when I was very young. My grandmother would hand me bags full of scrap material and let me play on her sewing machine making WONDERFUL creations for my dolls. In High School I often found myself in trouble for knitting during my history class rather than paying attention. Time progressed, I got married, had children and of course HAD to sew for them! I became involved in the local Waldorf Community and really enjoyed the principals and ideas that I was surrounded by. I decided to make my girls Waldorf Dolls of their own and even made a few which I later sold on ebay (this was before etsy). I really enjoyed the process of creating on my sewing machine. During this time the American Girl dolls were really becoming a craze... my girls loved them too and I developed my own pattens and sewed for them as well. I have sold some of my creations on ebay and in local Waldorf Schools, and smaller independently owned toy stores... and then came etsy! This is where Christina the creator of Bamboletta found me and our relationship began...

I think I can safely say that one of the big reasons we love Waldorf Dolls as much as we do is because of the individuality that each doll possesses. Each doll is a unique creation developed from the minds of some very talented individuals and with that said each doll is different. I have done my best to keep up with all of the new doll makers and develop clothing that will fit most of them but because each doll is so different in size and shape (even from the same doll makers) sometimes stuff doesn't fit... I want you all to know that I am very much willing to help if you have purchased one of my creations and for some reason it doesn't fit your doll please contact me! I will either exchange it or refund your money. Sewing brings me so much joy, part of that joy is in the knowledge that your children will have beautiful quality doll clothes for their special friends!

For now I know that my 15 inch clothing fits both 15 inch Bambolettas and Drangonfly Hallow dolls. Hillary and I also discovered that the Bamboletta Little Buddy 10 inch clothes also fit the 11 inch Apple Treehouse Dolls (we were very excited about this!!).

I hope this little blog post gives you some insight into my business and how it all began. I really enjoy what I do and interacting with all of you!! Watch for Hillary's post tomorrow night for our big back to school giveaway!! Start thinking of your best jokes :-)




  1. I am a fellow blogger,mother,wife & love Waldorf dolls! The clothes you make are so fun and unique. Can't wait to see more of them!

    Stop by my site if you have a chance. Some pictures of my ATH doll on there too!


  2. It was so wonderful to hear about how you started sewing!! I am so thankful for your grandmother being so carefree to let you make clothes for your dolls. I agree that each doll is unique and you are so successful at making clothing for all different personalities!! Thanks for sharing sweet Reggie!

  3. I started with my Nana's drawer of scraps and her avocado green dinosaur of a sewing machine :o) It was great fun to hear you started in the same way!

  4. Truly love your work! I can't wait to be able to buy this doll!and to show it off to my customers that come into my glaut kosher deli' families come in all the time from all around and they would love to know where I got mine!!!
    I hope to win or get a chance to purchase one to show off to all the little girls that come In!
    Angela Cohen